Spirit of Freedom 45+, 52%

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1 l = 50,00 €

Abfüllung: Spirit of Freedom
Alter: 5
Region: Blend
Alkohol: 52%

The story behind this bottling is that we originally bottled the 30yo Spirit of Freedom around one year ago to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the
Battle of Bannockburn, when Robert the Bruce defeated King Edward of England’s much larger army. Following the independence referendum in September 2014, we bottled Spirit of Freedom “the 45” for the 45% of people who voted for independence.
The new bottling has been called 45+ as we now think more than 45% of people would vote for independence. It is bottled at 52% and is a blend of more than 45 different whiskies from all over Scotland, including some Springbank, Longrow, Hazelburn and Kilkerran. It is a 5yo blend.

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