Nectar Grove - Madeira Cask Finish, 46% Wemyss

Nectar Grove - Madeira Cask Finish, 46% Wemyss

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1 l = 54,29 €

Abfüllung: Nectar Grove
Abfüller: Wemyss
Alter: n.a.
Region: Highlands
Abgefüllt: 2018
Fass: Madeira Wine Cask Finish
Anzahl der Flaschen: 9.000
Alkohol: 46%
Inhalt: 0,7l


Tasting Notes:
Nose: Aromas of floral hibiscus and chamomile with a fruity charisma of orange oil, apricot and

peaches entwined with milk chocolate, honeyed granola and freshly backed tarts.

Palate: The finishing in Madeira wine casks have imparted this Highland whisky with flavours as juicy
and fruity as a ready to harvest fruit grove. Sweet citrus fruit notes of nectarine, peach and candied
orange peel build to deeper notes of spun sugar caramel, baklava and hazelnut spread.
Finish: Lingering oak wood spice, sweet pastry and soft stone fruit notes.

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