Flaming Feast 46% - Wemyss Malts

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1 l = 58,57 €

Abfüllung: Flaming Feast
Abfüller: Wemyss Malts
Region: Highlands and Islay
Abgefüllt: 2019
Fass: 15 Bourbon Barrels, 2 Hogsheads
Anzahl der Flaschen: 6000
Alkohol: 46%
Inhalt: 0,7l

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Bezeichnung: Whisky
Hersteller: Wemyss Malts, 4 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 7JA, Großbritannien
Verantwortliches Lebensmittelunternehmen: ALBA IMPORT oHG, Spezialitätenimport Whisky & Spirituosen, Alte Dorfstraße 33, 21640 Nottensdorf, Deutschland

Herkunftsland: Schottland


Tasting Notes:
Nose: The initial nose is sweet and candy like; foam shrimps and strawberry bonbons. Mineralic notes
emerge in the form of limestone and fresh seaside air. A mild and perfumed smoke is only hinted at
like a distant beachside bonfire.
Palate: A complex battle between sweet and savoury with heather honey, cinder toffee and
marshmallows. The savoury and maritime notes take form as rollmops or salted oat cakes and
scallops cooked in butter with tarragon.
Finish: Burnt wholemeal toast smeared with chunky peanut butter and a peppery spice.

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