Wolfburn Batch 155, 46%

Wolfburn Batch 155, 46%

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1 l = 94,29 €

Abfüllung: Wolfburn - 155
Abfüller: Orig.
Alter: 5
Region: Highlands
Fass: ex-Bourbon Barrel, Port Cask finish
Anzahl der Flaschen: 5300
Alkohol: 46%
Inhalt: 0,7l


Tasting Notes:
“Soft heather tones mix with warm port aromas. The depth of flavour is huge – on the palate a lovely
 vineous flavour is augmented by bourbon, caramel and vanilla, with overtones of ginger and oak. The
finish is superb, a mix of port and caramel and dried fruit, which lingers long after the dram is gone.”


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